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Marshall Construction Company Inc


Commercial - Residential - Industrial

At Marshall Construction, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality telebelts that are not only safe, efficient, and versatile but also tailored to meet your specific needs. Our state-of-the-art telebelts are meticulously engineered to excel in any application, be it a congested site with limited access, challenging terrains, or adverse weather conditions. With our cutting-edge technology and innovative design, our telebelts are built to overcome any obstacle you may encounter during your project, ensuring a seamless and successful execution. Trust our experienced team and reliable equipment to deliver exceptional results, saving you valuable time and minimizing labor costs.

Marshall Construction Convenience

Marshall Construction Company Inc
  • Exact material placement

  • Low clearance operations

  • No priming and minimal washout waste

  • Safe

  • High-volume material placement with less manpower and handling machinery

  • Quick setup and tear-down convenience

  • 110′ of reach

  • Easy setup and operation

  • Helps keep the job site clean with accurate material placement

  • Low-pressure output

  • We convey in enclosed structures and into limited access structures

  • 360-degree rotation of feeder and main belts

  • Perform multiple tasks from a single location

  • Increased productivity, little physical labour needed

Application Versatility

Marshall Construction Company Inc

Rock Placement

  • Drainage rock

  • Aggregates up to 4"

  • Gravel

Concrete Placement

  • Smooth operation

  • Slab pours

Wind Farms

  • Base pour


  • Concrete pour

  • Material placement

Tilt-Up & Outdoor Slabs

  • Flexible 360-degree rotation

Foundation & Footings

  • Poured concrete foundation services

  • Weeping tile drainage rock installation

Drainage Fields

  • Septic fields

  • Porous material installation


  • Landscaping

  • Protecting foundation walls

  • Backfilling in lifts

  • Filling in hard to reach areas


  • With a 110' reach, we keep the material truck at the curb

  • No separation

  • No slump loss


  • Final grading

  • Decorative rock and mulch placement

Warehouse Slabs

  • Covers long distances in enclosed structures

  • Low unfolding height

Bridge Decks

  • Perfect for highly scrutinized concrete pours

  • No loss of air-entrainment


  • Reclamation & remidiation services

  • Sensitive ecosystem material placement

  • Land rehabilitation

  • Sustainable drainage system

Riverbed Lining

  • Stream/River restoration/reclamation

  • Landscape development precise placement

  • Pervious concrete pours

Matt Pours

  • Smooth continuous operation

  • Provides a solution to complex logistics

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